Massage Adelaide

Massage Adelaide

Hi, I’m Lyn Davies, a 10 year Massage Therapist (MAA accredited) practicing in Adelaide, South Australia.

Massage Adelaide

Lyn Davies – 0410 491 797

I specialize in an amazing form of bodywork called Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage as well as several other massage and healing methods including:

Hot Stone Massage
Pregnancy Massage

– Reflexology
– Reiki Healing Treatments
– Spa Body Treatments

Whether you need a nurturing, ‘relaxation’ treatment or a firm ‘deep tissue’ massage (or a combination of both) the depth and pressure of my massage can be customized so that you get exactly the kind of massage that you want / need. I guarantee that I will give you one of the best massages you’ve ever had or you won’t pay a cent. Both male and female clients welcome!

NEW: Couples massage and also “duo massage” (two-on-one) now available upon request!

Here’s What One Of My Clients Had To Say After Their Very First Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage With Me Here In Adelaide…

Massage Therapy Adelaide

“My first experience of Lomi Lomi was with Lyn and I found it to be a unique and positive experience. I feel at ease with Lyn’s professional and respectful approach. The massage is unhurried, relaxing and a wonderful experience. I seemed to float away to another time and place where I completely let go of all tension in my mind and body.

If you are looking for a therapy that will uplift your spirit, bring light into your life and move you forward, may I suggest you make an appointment with Lyn.”
(Call 0410 491 797 to book!)

My clients tend to rave about their massage experiences with me because I am great at what I do and I always give 110% in every single massage! I love my work and am truly passionate about helping my clients increase their health and well being, and I’m told that this ‘genuine care’ really comes across in my massage and healing treatments.

So let me offer you the same opportunity to experience this incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating Hawaiian massage with me here in Adelaide…

“Enjoy An Amazing Lomi Lomi Massage In Adelaide That Will Relieve Your Aches & Pains & Leave You Feeling Totally Relaxed, Rejuvenated & Ready To Take On The World…GUARANTEED!

I will take special care of you and do my best to ensure that your massage experience with me is a positive, safe and enjoyable one. Call me TODAY on 0410 491 797 and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and arrange a suitable time with you for your treatment.

I look forward to giving you a totally rejuvenating, pain relieving and deeply relaxing massage experience. Come in for some R&R today. I know you’ll love it, and you know you deserve it!

Massage Adelaide Satisfaction Guarantee

Call Me Now To Book Your $80 Massage
+ FREE Dry Body Brush Exfoliation!

0410 491 797
(Hurry…this special offer ending soon. Last days!)

Lyn Davies Massage
Adelaide (Seaford Rise),
South Australia, 5169
0410 491 797


Client Testimonials

“Lyn Davies offers the best massage by far.

I travel 45 mins, passing many good therapists along the way. You will have to experience for yourself what words cannot describe.”


“Lyn, I always feel energised, refreshed and renewed after a massage from you.

I continue to recommend you to many people and thank you for the support you have given me in the past. I wish you well and look forward to my next massage!


“I really look forward to my regular massage. I feel it's very good for reducing stress and for general relaxation.

Lyn's massage room with it's soft lighting, candles, gentle music and aromatic oils provides an oasis of calm against the busy lives that so many of us live.

Lyn's professional manner instills confidence. I would recommend Lyn's massages to anyone who needs a little "me time" and needs to unwind from the stresses of modern life.”


"As someone who has received 100s of massages to date, I consider myself a good judge when it comes to massage therapists.

I can say without a doubt that Lyn Davies is a truly gifted and authentic practitioner and she performs her massage treatments with great skill, confidence and care.

She has a rare 'healing quality' to her hands coupled with an intuitive understanding of what her client's need to heal and rejuvenate.

Lyn is worthy of all the praise she received and I highly recommend her massage and healing treatments!"


"I have been having Lomi Lomi Massage with Lyn for almost 3 years. After first being referred to Lyn by my General Practitioner I tried Massage with Lyn, who also had registered nursing qualifications.

My left arm couldn’t be moved at all without extreme pain. I had Scans and various other tests, all of which showed nothing. After the first massage I was able to move my arm a bit without as much pain. I went for a couple of massages a few days apart, which saw my arm return to normal.

I have continued having regular massage and reflexology on a monthly basis, which has been a great benefit for my overall wellbeing."